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Grand Power T12

Armă neletală

  • Clasa
  • Calibru
    10 x 28T
  • Capacitate
  • Lungime
    18.75 cm
  • Greutate
    725 g
T12 Model, 10x28 caliber, is a pistol using rubber bullet ammunition. The impact of the rubber bullets is ment to cause pain but not serious injury. They are expected to produce contusions, abrasions and hematomas. However, they may cause bone fractures, injuries to internal organs or, in some cases, death. This pistol uses Browning-type breech locking system distinguished with simplicity, reliability and dirt-resistance. The barrel is smoothbore and it is not designed for lethal ammunition. T12 belongs to the category ”less lethal” weapons and it gains popularity all over the world.

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